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Brigette Hass

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Brigette Hass

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The Yogic Touch Associates
Qualified Practitioners trained by Brigette in Yogic Touch Therapy are available UK-wide
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What is energy awareness, you might ask? What does it mean? Maybe you have been drawn to this site by your instinct your intuition or pure deductionů maybe it was chance. All these can be employed when we are more aware.

When we learn how to make our actions more conscious – we have more control of our life and so feel freer and have more choices. That may give greater confidence and calm. We feel more purposeful, empowered and are more directed and clear.

Imagine, you are surrounded by a magnetic field, and so is every living organism on the planet, I need to be more precise: plastic plants will have some sort of energy field. This field is influenced by our vibrancy – by our physical energy and also by our mental and emotional processes [past, present and future]. And this energy field is influenced by our actions [which make up our the past and present]; it reflects the state of our physical body and vice versa. It reflects who we are now and there is also an aspect of who we are becoming – who we will be.

In our modern living I often see that people seem to forget that there is a greater potential – What I mean is a greater capacity of being – of understanding – of communicating – interacting and living, being more than our physical body and our possessions or achievements. We are much greater and more powerful.

What would the purpose be of this greater understanding of ourselves mean? My experience is that it connects us to a greater, a larger purpose, that helps us to find a meaning, gives a clarity and ease – we feel meaning and understanding of who we are and what our true purpose might be.

Why greater purpose and direction? When connecting to our true purpose, there often emerges great authority and a sort of relief, we feel confident and at ease, feel happier and really alive.

When we are out of balance in our living or thinking, our body mind emotions will reveal this to us in some way or other as ill health or just a sense of dis-ease: stress tension or physical discomfort or pain.

Usually our system knows how to restore itself – the body heals all on its own, unless the input that causes the ill health is ongoing and/or many fold, then our system may require more support.

The way I have developed all my work is to allow you to discover more of yourself – and learning through play is the most fun and natural way, and incidentally we remember better when we are relaxed. Our observational qualities are greater when we are more relaxed.

Awareness is fun and you feel happier and healthier and feel more in control of your life.

All workshops and individual sessions give you the support to discover for yourself – and at your level of understanding – as it is a totally individual process.

You will have the experience of being more in touch with and living in the moment, being more present and relaxed.

Come and join me – discover the magic of flowing.

Feel more alert – more alive – and ready to learn more – to feel more fulfilled.

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It rains
But I feel sunshine
In my heart
It rains
But I am happy
All the same
It rains out there!
Who cares?
There is so much sunshine in my heart
It burns.

BRIGETTE HASS, one of the leading practitioners in her field, has developed Yogic Massage in her practice over 15 years.

Acute awareness and intuition inform the use of integrated body work skills, which include deep tissue work, acupressure, massage, body-alignment, energy healing, and stress-management techniques, with the recent addition of the Dynamind technique.

She creates a pure, exquisite space for healing body, mind and spirit by preparing herself through meditation and by harmonising the room.

Treatment is very gentle – can be extremely powerful and deep – and it is always just right.

She facilitates Holistic Massage Courses for Beginners and a Yogic Massage training for qualified practitioners, with an emphasis on energy awareness. She has the very special ability of providing a deep understanding that goes beyond the mere technical skills of massage.

She is founder of the School for Energy Awareness, enjoys nature, meditation, dance, Qi Gong and Yoga, and writes poetry.