Brigette Hass

Dance Movement Awareness

Brigette Hass

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Brigette Hass

07074 732 222

Individual sessions
London W1 & SW4 and Cape Town, RSA

Group work
Central London and Cape Town, RSA

The Yogic Touch Associates
Qualified Practitioners trained by Brigette in Yogic Touch Therapy are available UK-wide
07074 732 222

Brigette Hass found herself sensitive to energy from an early age – dancing and being in Nature seemed sometimes the only way to make sense of what was going on in her growing years. Dance was a way of releasing emotions and communicating – and a form of expression what came spontaneously. From feeling anxious around people she has developed her own way of being totally at ease in herself and around people. It is a joy to her to tune in, to be intuitive and allowing a natural flow – inspiring and transmitting that free flowing joy to others.

In workshops and courses she always brings this exquisite quality, allowing each person to find their own balance – harmony – space.

She hopes that you: ‘Come into your own space, discover your own rhythm and magic’.

This is apparent in all her work, be it teaching healing, movement [the ‘feel alive’ workshops] meditation and the ‘Touch’ workshops – and post-graduate training for practitioners, as well as in her individual sessions.

‘As children we are innocent and carefree, at ease and play – living totally moment by moment’. These workshops are assisting you to re-discover that part of you – that Self – the essence of you’, so you can be whole – rounded – balanced and happy, and move freely.