Brigette Hass

Yogic Touch Certificate Course

with Brigette Hass

For qualified practitioners

Recognised by MTI as continuing professional development

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Brigette Hass

07074 732 222

Individual sessions
London W1 & SW4 and Cape Town, RSA

Group work
Central London and Cape Town, RSA

The Yogic Touch Associates
Qualified Practitioners trained by Brigette in Yogic Touch Therapy are available UK-wide
07074 732 222

When working, would you like to:

  • Be more effective
  • Work in harmony with your Self and your needs
  • Maintain & increase your energy levels
  • Feel more alive and alert
  • Learn more about the body
  • Feel more protected and grounded
  • Know easier ways
  • Increase your knowledge base
  • Make a real difference
  • Feel sure and
  • Work on deep levels knowing it's safe?

Or would you want to have better tools when working specifically with:

  • Pregnant women
  • Stress related conditions
  • Trauma healing ……….

then this is the training for you.

The Yogic Touch Foundation Training Certificate gives you that edge and the foundation, the ‘starter kit’ to experience complementary therapy and your chosen field in a more full - free and creative way.

The training helps to simplify and integrate your knowledge, and gives deep understanding via feedback and very practical, straight forward, experiential learning.

Learn really useful skills that have a permanent effect, removing old patterns for good. Yogic Touch is a powerful approach that stands on its own or can be integrated to enhance your practice. You will not have come across these techniques anywhere else.

If you are 'getting stale', by using Yogic Touch you can stay energised and feel more satisfied in your work. Additionally the techniques are versatile and can be applied when the client is clothed.

Part of Yogic Touch is the Muscle Memory Release MMR technique for the main stress areas like neck, shoulders, and back, effectively eliminating old stress patterns, and facilitating deep healing. Energy Healing and posture stretches release tension from energy field and skeletal muscles - restoring integrity.

Yogic Touch techniques deeply relax body and mind, calm the nervous system, and restore homeostasis efficiently. A treatment also goes a long way in restoring inner harmony to help the client focus on what they need in their life. This aids and supports the body’s healing process.

If you have previously attended any Yogic Touch weekend (previously known as Yogic Massage) you qualify to attend Module 2, however, you may want to consider re-doing the weekend, as Yogic Touch has evolved.


"Brigette has the very special ability of providing a deep understanding that goes beyond the mere technical skills of massage."

"Brigette is one of the leading practitioners in her field."

For the training and certificate info ‘stuff’ please see the Yogic Touch Foundation Training page or contact us.

Module 1:
Essence of Awareness, listen to the tissues - release old patterns for good. Stress & pain release: The Muscle Memory Release Technique (MMR).

This Module can be taken independently without committing to the Certificate Course.

Module 2:
Improve posture balance harmony

Module 3:
Deep pressure without the pain: With Awareness use DEEP pressure

Module 4: Integrated whole body appropriate use of Yogic Touch.


Central London and Modules 2-4 over 3 weekends or a one week residential training in Greece