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Comments from Clients

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Young executive, with surprise in his face:
Amazing how much looser my shoulders are, they feel free for the first time in ages! I can even bend backwards. My whole body feels different.

Dancer after injury:
The osteopath helped to release the cramp, but this session has calmed my soul. My whole body feels so much freer, I feel calmer and more confident. And I can even get into this position (and the leg stretches high in the air!)

I had a chronic low headache for over three weeks. I was rushing around trying to do everything, and didnít sleep well at all. After the first session I took the time to prepare good food, had a good time with the children, stopped when I had had enough and slept very well.
In the morning I was ready to jump up and ready for the day, unlike recently, when I didnít want to get out of bed at all, and did not seem to ever get enough sleep.
Like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Feel deeply relaxed, and much better. Like I have left the old body behind., and found a new one.

I feel incredible.

My body feels much more dynamic and energised.

The chronic headache stopped, and I could face going back to the office. I was much calmer and slept better.

I could flower you with compliments. A wonderful caring touch.

Coming into a wonderful present state - a clear space.

Fantastic - I feel so much more open in my chest, itís good to get feedback.

Feels stressed and tired beforehand:
Great - that really feels different. The energy is just incredible, I feel now there is much more of me.

I donít usually relax easily, but within a few minutes I felt myself letting go and floating, I will come for a regular session.

I feel incredible, I have more spring in my step, feel more solid and feel so well!

I had gone into deep relaxation - this was powerful. My body is giving more. I can stretch much more deeply in the yoga positions - there is a significant change.

I feel more solid on the ground.

I didnít quite expect to get what I asked for - which was to connect with my baby.

Seven months pregnant:
My body felt okay when I came in, but now I feel so much better, am much more grounded, have much more space in my hips. I donít have to be conscious of standing well, I just do.

Feel so well, so good, and deeply relaxed. I don't feel stiff anymore. Your voice was soothing and the words were just right for me.

I feel smiley all over and a lot calmer, all the pain in the shoulders is gone. - Wonderful.

It's so nice when you start, I feel the scalp is tight and within minute it opens up like a flower.

A session is like getting into a bath at just the right temperature, BLISS!

Came for a treatment because of a stiff knotted back. Afterwards: Wonderful, deep touch, deep release, I feel wonderful, thatís amazing.

I feel all smiley, and totally calm and my body has let go, I am so relaxed.

You always find all the right spots.

Perfect, I feel much more relaxed and in control. I can now face the office again.

I feel so aware of my body! It feels really good - I stand so much freer, my body is so light.

When I come I feel broken - you put me back together again.

Recent separation from partner, feels tired:
During treatment: This is just what I need!
After treatment: I almost cried before the treatment, but now I feel much more relaxed.

After the treatment I felt so fantastic I almost phoned you up, I feel so loose and free in my arms neck and back.

After the last treatment I didnít even feel my back anymore, I went running for three miles with a friend, which is not something I usually do. I have so much more energy to do things.

I just realised, I can't even remember when Iíve had the last panic attack.

I feel so wonderfully drowsy, I relaxed so deeply during the session, it feels wonderful.

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