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Some notes

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If you are...

  • Contemplating IVF treatment,
  • Have found out everything from the medical standpoint and want to find another - possibly complementary - possibility, or
  • Have started IVF and want more support, as the medication (hormones) are increasing body tension, anxiety and emotions.

Suggestion: Find a practitioner you like and trust, this goes a long way in helping you in your process.

Brigette Hass: "In my experience with clients who use IVF treatment, there is a need for reassurance, not only mentally but also on a physical level. One reason is that the hormone treatment unsettles the natural rhythm and your trust in yourself. Yogic Touch can provide that calming support that relaxes the Nervous System as well as giving support to body mind and emotions. So you feel you are back in charge and in control.

"When the body is relaxed it is more open and receptive, so increasing the chances of conception."

Complementary treatments may not seem to work as obviously and immediately as drugs do, however, there are NO side effects and you will feel so much better.

With Yogic Touch you...

  • Relax more deeply and sleep better
  • Feel more in harmony and balanced
  • Release more stress and tension
  • Get in touch with your body & itís rhythms again
  • Improve body harmony and function
  • Balance hormones, not feeling so wired
  • Feel more centred and calm
  • Feel more in control
  • Make better about making your choices and decisions

Best wishes for your discoveries and successful search for what treatment(s) work for you!

Brigette Hass

Brigette Hass

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