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It rains
But I feel sunshine
In my heart
It rains
But I am happy
All the same
It rains out there!
Who cares?
There is so much sunshine in my heart
It burns.


Hands of Light  Barbara Brennan
The Seven Levels of Healing Lilla Bek and Philippa Pullar
Moon over Water and Meditation Jessica Macbeth
The Awakened Mind C Maxwell Cade & Nona Coxhead (biofeedback and the devel't of higher states of awareness)
What Colour are You? Annie Wilson & Lilla Bek
The Healing Power of Illness Thorwald Dethlefsen
Healing Sounds Jonathan Goldman (also tape)
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Sogyal Rinpoche (meditation)


The Book of Massage (Ebury Press)
Acupressure Michael Reed Gach
Food Combining for Health Doris Grant & Jean Joyce
Let's Get Well Adelle Davis (vitamins)
Daylight Robbery Dr Damien Downing(eyes)
New Holistic Herbal David Hoffmann
Practical Homeopathy Sylvia Treacher
The Wise Wound Penelope Shuttle & Peter Redgrove (menstruation & everywoman)


The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
Celestine Prophecy James Redfield
The Invisible Way Reshad Field


You can Heal Your Life Louise Hay
Secrets of the Inner Self Dr David A. Phillips (Numerology)
Pocketful of Dreams Denise Linn
Creative Visualisation Shakti Gawain
Focusing Eugene T. Gendlin
Sensitive Chaos Theodor Schwenk (the creation of flowing forms in water & air)
Sacred Sexuality Georg Feuerstein
Shape Shifters Michele Jamal
The Universe is a Green Dragon Brian Swimme
The Tao of Physics Fritjof Capra
The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell
The Ascent of Man J Bronowski


Embracing Our Selves and other books by Hal Stone & Sidra Winkelman
Women who Run with the Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Love is Letting Go of Fear Gerald Jampolsky
The Psychology of Romantic Love Robert A. Johnson
A Woman in your own Right Anne Dickson
The Dance of Anger
Non-Violent Communication Marshall Rosenberg

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