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Notes by Brigette Hass

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It rains
But I feel sunshine
In my heart
It rains
But I am happy
All the same
It rains out there!
Who cares?
There is so much sunshine in my heart
It burns.

Brigette Hass

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Some Signs of Stress

  • Feeling of not enough time,
  • Aching, tense, painful muscles
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal discomfort - stomach aches
  • Constipation / diarrhoea
  • Listlessness
  • Tension
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Sleepless, or disturbed sleep
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Dissatisfied - feeling of not giving best at work

The list is really endless, most illnesses, diseases are due to underlying stress patterns.

When we feel stressed, this is a sign that we no longer ride the challenges of life but have fallen victim. Our perspective has changed. Instead of feeling we will find a way, we can only see the problems facing us.

We may have taken on too many commitments, and no longer have a realistic overview what we can manage. Stress is like a bad habit, with some awareness we can change it to a good habit that works for us.

How to change the pattern

A big step:

Take a step away from the situation. For example to take a holiday helps to see a situation in a different light, from another perspective.

Little things:

  • Two minute exercises at work:
  • Gently let go of your head, letting your chin drop towards your chest, let go with each out-breath.
  • Become aware of sitting position, follow your breath in and out.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Tighten muscles with in-breath, release with out-breath ten times.

Change the patterns:

  • Take a walk in nature
  • A long relaxing bath before going to bed [with aromatherapy oils like lavender, rose, sandalwood]
  • Reading a book to wind down before bedtime.
  • Writing down unfinished things of the day and trusting they will get done.
  • Listening to meditation tape, relaxing or classical music.
  • Getting help - finding support.

With the right practitioner, this is like a holiday, as the treatment will help to release stress from the body and calm the mind, often giving instantly a space and new perspective of the situation, giving a period of time free of pressure / tension / and stress:

  • To eliminate longstanding stress, a balance between talking and body work works the best.
  • Massage (Yogic Massage especially)
  • Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture

Find a therapy / treatment that you are drawn to or someone is recommending a practitioner. Find a practitioner you feel at ease with and trust.

Brigette Hass works specifically with stress, releasing tension from the 'energetic' and physical body, and calming body and mind. Liberating deep skeletal tension with a stretching, deep tissue work and acupressure, and stress management techniques.

Getting help - in a group

  • Meditation
  • Movement - dance
  • Exercise - yoga
  • Healing
  • Massage course

Best is group work where you can unwind, relax and be yourself while learning something new.

Brigette Hass offers a variety of workshops and courses. They are all based on taking care of the individual need and help giving greater body awareness, give awareness of breathing, and posture, and on calming the body and mind.

Nutrition - food

  • Enjoy your food
  • Take time to eat (optimal chewing is 36x of one mouthful) Improved digestion reduces body stress
  • Eat good nutritional food / organic ( had better nutritional values)
  • Donít diet when you have a heavy workload
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit

Practitioners: visit a Nutritionist or Naturopath.

The Stress Spiral

Having relaxed and supported people in their process to better health, conscious relaxation ans well-being different 'patterns' in people seem to emerge. This seems also true for infertility:

  • especially restless
  • achievement oriented
  • difficulty letting go & relaxing
  • active mind

This may also be increased by the fertility treatment that has been given. Often making women unsure of their own knowing of their rhythms, awareness and knowledge of how to trust themselves and tune into their body.

There are so many causes for infertility, one mustn't forget that due to recycling of water supplies, there is more oestrogen in the water supplies in the cities, which affects men by lowering their sperm-count.

I believe stress not only in women affects the ability to conceive from many different aspects. I see conceiving as opening up like a blossom, preparing the ground, opening up, becoming soft and receptive, calm feminine sweetness, making space for this energy to come, trusting, making space in one's life to receive this precious gift.

Yes it is a gift. It is not given to the deserving there is somehow a natural mechanism that stops a natural pregnancy from occurring, when the conditions are not right. So who are we to interfere.... I am sure we will see the results: problems in society, problems the individual may face, the problems of the human beings who came for one's own ego, desires, wishes, .....

I believe there is a natural order.

(Is this my own bitterness of not having children?)  - No, I have asked for a relationship that will sustain and welcome a child, it has not happened, so therefore I readjust and live my life as it comes.

Stress can reduce the feeling of living right now, as one thinks of the past or worries about the future. reduce enjoyment of small and large pleasures of being in the moment and living. So reduce sexual desire, openness in the sexual loving interplay.

Stress closes the cells, holds what is there tight and does not allow anything new to come in. So by holding onto the intense desire of wanting a child - energetically - one is not making space for this to happen.

Stress affects our ability to see the world the way it is, reduces absorption of food, nutrients and therefore deprives us, depleting us in tern, which causes more stress. About 80% of all diseases are causes by some form of stress. What is stress?

Stress in women can be reduced significantly through a variety of natural ways, including change of diet, exercise and vitamins, yoga visualisation,meditation (but in some way the mind needs to have some stillness, some willingness to want to be quiet, so classes with other people are very helpful, were one is guided, and given certain 'tools' ways of beginning to allow the mind to calm) and of course quiet significantly through individual massage. Massage and healing help you to come back into your skin, touch brings you to the reality, is very soothing and reassuring, connects us with the world. This relaxes the nervous system and also the internal organs, and balancing hormones are released calming the body and the mind.

Often the whole system in on alert. And at the end of the day we don't know how to switch off. You may be more suited to group sessions.

The way I work helps in particular to relax allows you to be yourself, and builds an inner awareness to your needs. The natural alarm is activated, and we are able to listen to what we need. If we have overridden our natural body mechanism for too long, eventually aches and pains become permanent, and then acute, by which time we have no choice but to do something about it. So rather than supporting and having to drastically do something, listening only at a stage when the body is breaking down, and demands to be taken care off, why not begin to take care now?

Being pregnant is such a time.

Being pregnant is a life-changing event in a woman's and a man's life. It starts with both partners wanting a child, preparing in some way by making space in their world, internally and externally.

In pregnancy itself the whole body adjusts, the whole system is geared to nurturing supporting and protecting the small being that is growing inside the belly. Intuition and inner knowing is nurtured through relaxation by listening to one's needs to the inner voice. So that in turn the woman is nurturing herself, and stays in balance physically and mentally.

Rather then the system 'breaking down' altogether with disease, illness, accidents due to reduced immune function, reduced energy, because one has given more then received. It takes so much longer to repair, and happens often when ''This is the worst time this could have happened'' . Certain conditions 'demand' from us a pacing and complete lowing down. This gives time for re-evaluation, and for 'healing' of the 'wound' (this could also be emotional), a time to digest.

Pollution is also a cause of stress, this can be internal or external: externally just to mention a few: air, noise and light pollution, we are able to block out (ignore, to the point we don't notice

Chemicals - this includes deodorants, perfumes, colour washes / hair rinses, creams we put on our skin (this gets partially absorbed and can become an allergy when there are too many things the body is trying to cope with, and can't.)

And internal pollution: smoking, stale, fatty, processed, micro waved, pesticides, irradiated, food any food that is not natural the body has to work harder to get any nutrients out of them and if there is little of that the colon has a hard time getting it back out of the system, which causes another stress, because energy is used.

Stress is caused by not enough sleep, our organs and whole body has to work harder and sends alarm signals alert signs.

Work pressures, not taking enough time to chew and eat, puts stress on the stomach and intestines, as the foods can't be absorbed and begin to irritate the digestive system. Overeating is also harmful and stressful to the system. It means we are not listening to our needs, because this very efficient system, our body gives us very clear signals about what is good for us and what we nee. Sleeping when we are tired, eating when we are hungry and stopping when we have been replenished. To some degree this can be taught, but on the whole, if an impulse is over-ridden too often this is stressful to the system and will cause an imbalance which may eventually some dis-stress and dis-ease.

So when becoming pregnant there is a certain openness - a receptiveness rediscovered, a certain quirkiness accepted, it is OK to be willful and have weird wishes.... it is acceptable, because we are pregnant.

How far will we take this, how far will we allow ourselves to go and follow our outrageous desires?

But how can we prepare the ground, so that we may already be open to hearing our needs?

There are many ways to relax and enjoy oneself. Massage and healing are two wonderful ways of restoring that sense of self of getting back into one's body to deeply relax, coming back onto the earth and breathe deeply - to be oneself. From the first day of pregnancy there are many internal changes, not only is the foetus changing constantly and the uterus is adopting, chemicals - hormones are released sending new sensations to to mother to be, changing emotions, influencing behavious, and the body and the mind need to adjust to - especially with the first new feeling and experiences. Different culteres and tribes acknowledge this as are more and more people in the western culture, accepting that there is a spiritual - psychic ability opening up, a sensitivity and intuition that may have not been experienced before. So inner and outer experiences, feeling, the world, are seen, felt and heard from a different perspective.

So why not stop now?

Stop to re-evaluate and evaluate, be truthful - trust your feelings and thoughts. For example, take a situation in your life you are not happy with, unsatisfied, or even distressed with. when you feel it how does it feel now? Feel it and breathe through it. Then take a moment to imagine whatever it is you wish to change, what you really want to change in your life, do it now see the situation before you, see it changing miraculously to the way you really would like it to be - take a few deep breaths - and breathe that feeling in - feel it - breathe it in again and breathe out - and breathe it in, then let go of the breath.

Now feel how you feel in yourself and compare it with a few moments ago, it is really our thoughts that influence a lot how we feel.If we are more in touch with ourselves, we can pull ourselves easier out of situations and find solutions. Change is more easily possible, when our minds are free and open, when we are able to think laterally that is also a creative process a way we can find often unusual answers to challenges.

When relaxed we are more alert, the brain is not busy trying to sort something out. Day dreaming and coming up with solution is such a relaxed active way of thinking.

Massage and healing help to release these body and mind stresses built up in the body and in the energy field. When we are free from the anxiety, from the aches and pains, we are able to think more clearly, breathe deeper, and our body works more efficiently.