Brigette Hass


Brigette Hass

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Brigette Hass

07074 732 222

Individual sessions
London W1 & SW4 and Cape Town, RSA

Group work
Central London and Cape Town, RSA

The Yogic Touch Associates
Qualified Practitioners trained by Brigette in Yogic Touch Therapy are available UK-wide
07074 732 222

Brigette Hass

Born: 26.12.1953
Hamburg, Germany


Ongoing regular supervision for my work since 2001 – Su Fox [MTI]

2004 Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Foundation Training; Deepening the Foundation: Anger, Guilt & Empathy; NVC Fluency (4 days), NVC & Relation-ships, individual sessions

2004 Majan Abdominal Massage (MAM), Arvigo Massage Foundation Training, Diane McDonald, USA

2001/02 Teachers Training Course, City & Guild 7307 at Lambeth College

2001 Dynamind Technique Kahili King
2000 Primordial Qi Gong UK & Albany, USA, training with Ken Cohen

1997-99   UK, Movement ongoing yearly study program with Suprapto Suryodarmo

1998 & 99   UK, Voice Dialogue Intensive, facilitator Esther Zahniser (3 days each)

1997   UK, Movement with Awareness with Ben Suharto (Dean at Univ. in Jakarta & Court Dancer) Indonesia

1996   Germany, co-teacher on Movement with Awareness Course (10 days), with Suprapto Suryodarmo (Solo, Indonesia)

1996   Movement Awareness Course (5 days) with Ben Suharto, Indonesia.

1995   qualifying as approved tutor for the MTI (Massage Training Institute)

1992-96   Movement Energy Awareness & Healing Development Group, ongoing groups with Elizabeth St. John

1990   Ken Eyerman Technique (Massage and Movement) Certificate

1989   Kinesiology (Three In One Concept), basic and advanced course

1988   Shen Tao, One Year Foundation Course

1987   I.T.E.C. (Therapeutic Massage) and M.F. Phys. Certificates (Lymph drainage, Aromatherapy)

1986   UK, Therapeutic Massage Training Course with Judith Ashton, Cert.

1984   South Africa, Advanced Glaze Technology, Ceramics/Pottery University of Cape Town

1983-84   South Africa, University of Cape Town, part-time: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science

1973   Two Training Courses through Barclays Bank

1972   Germany, two year Commercial College - Certificate

1970   Schooling in Germany, 'Realschule' - Certificate

Teaching experience (self-employed)

2004 Yogic Touch Foundation Training [post-grad Cert. for qualified practitioners]

2004 Yogic Touch Level 2 training [post-grad Cert. for qualified practitioners]

2004 Ongoing classes: 'Feel Alive', Healing,

2003 Yogic Massage Foundation Training (Cert.) for qualified practitioners [a post-grad. training course]

2003 Ongoing classes: Meditation, Healing, Awareness thro' Movement

2002 Ongoing classes: Meditation, Healing, Awareness thro' Movement

2001/02 Teachers Training C&G 7307 [Clapham College]

2001   Holistic Massage for Beginners weekends

Yogic Massage advanced training for practitioners

Dance your Spirit movement, freeing body, mind, and spirit

2001   Co-teaching with Sara Thomas 'The Subtle Bodies and Massage' for practitioners, day

2001   Co-teaching Massage for Beginners, Module 1 at the Academy for Natural Health

2000   Co-teaching with Sara Thomas 'Subtle Bodies' - healing & massage for massage teachers

2000/01 Meditation classes (introduction & ongoing)

2000   Soft Chi, movement awareness group (summer - weekly classes)

1999   YOUR day, post-graduate, further training for practitioners, day

Since 1998   Yogic Massage Workshops: post-graduate, for qualified practitioners

1997/00   The Vibrant Circle: Introduction to healing (6 evenings x 2, and various formats)

1997-99   'Dance from your Heart' - Energy Awareness, Movement with music classes, workshops for relaxation, enjoyment, healing & growth through movement and dance

1997   'Move & Dance' introduction to Feldenkrais & Creative Dance with P. Smith

1996   Facilitating 'Celebrate the Moment' - Energy Awareness and Movement Classes

Since 1996   Movement healing (indoors and in nature) workshops

Since 1996   Foundation Course in Holistic Massage for Beginners (approx. 2 w'ends p yr.)

1996   Co-Teaching 'Movement and Light' with Suprapto Suryodarmo, Indonesia

Since 1990   Massage Courses for Beginners (in UK, South Africa, and France)

Other professional experience

1998   Improvised Dance Healing Performances: Dancing for Peace

Since 1997   Space clearing and holistic gardening/clearing spaces.

Since 1995   Practising Yogic Massage - which I have developed myself (the essence of all techniques, informed by energy awareness)

Since 1993   Healing professionally

1992   Nine months in Paris, France, investigating & setting up of a practice, and teaching

1987-89   In Sussex, started Self-employment: Therapeutic Massage and Freelance Book-keeping

1986-87   UK, administrator, book-keeper for im- and export health products company, Symbiogenisis

1985-86   UK, Hotel Reception, Administration, Secretarial work

1980-85   South Africa, Studio Potter, self-employed

1976-80   South Africa, Reinsurance Life-Underwriter

1973-76   Namibia & South Africa in Barclays Bank (various positions/duties)

1972-73   Germany, Private Bank, (stock exchange, secretarial)

Member of the following organisations & insurance:

IGPP International Guild of Professional Practitioners since 1999

ATH   Association for Therapeutic Healers Full member since 1993

MTI   Massage Training Institute approved tutor since 1995, and on committee

AMP   Association for Massage Practitioners 1996-98
Insurance with SMG

Serving voluntarily on the following committees:

ATH 1995 - 2001(Co-Chair person 1996-2001)

CHO (Confederation of Healing Organisations) 1995-98

BCMA (British Complimentary Medical Association) 1996 - 97

MTI since 1999

AMP in 1996

Personal Development:

Ongoing supervision for my work as part of self evaluation and assessment on since '92

Receiving regular treatments: (Cranial) Osteopathy, healing, massage, Homeopathy; varying over the years: Psychotherapy, Psycho-synthesis, (Co-) Counselling, Voice Dialogue, Non-violent Communication; varying forms of spiritual practice; and meditation since 1990


ATH quarterly Newsletter 1995 - 2000

9 booklets of Poems self-publishing since 1994

Live on Radio, interviews:

Liberty Radio in 2001: 'Our Relaxation Expert'

Pastimes, hobbies:

Photography; poetry; clothes design; drawing / painting; improvising: creating games with my nephew; Qi Gong; nature; singing; meditation; being; movement and dance.