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Brigette Hass

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Individual sessions
London W1 & SW4 and Cape Town, RSA

Group work
Central London and Cape Town, RSA

The Yogic Touch Associates
Qualified Practitioners trained by Brigette in Yogic Touch Therapy are available UK-wide
07074 732 222

In the same way we highten awareness when working on a one-2-one basis or in a group setting like a workshop by tuning in, by listening to the group energy I find a certain vibration and let it move though me. By coming to a quiet space in myself, to ízeroí and by tuning into that energy, and observing, again and again – I let my body be moved. This takes everyone into the healing space and we come into the moment step by step flowing with the flow.

The trick is to observe internally – listening and staying present and following that impulse of how to express what is present in that moment. This can be done with or without music and is always the most beautiful and humbling experience. Itís about staying authentic and true to this moment. Expressing the energy of the audience – and by observing this creates a creative flow, and a softness a willingness to be here – this is allowing for healing and harmonising for everyone concerned, the dancer and the observer. Moving this energy is a most exquisite experience, its moving spirit its truly connecting and being intimate in a sacred way. In Javanese culture there is no word for dancer. Because when the dancer comes into the present moment and expresses the dance – lets spirit move him – there is no separation, he is the dance – there is only the dance.

The dancing is spontaneous organic – natural – a response to the energy present.

I have done a variety of presentations and performances from spontaneous – impromptu to formal settings over the years. Groups varying from a few to around 300 people.

These performances can be silent, with natural sound accompaniment or with live or recoded music. They have taken place in nature or in-doors.

Some of the feedback:

A magical experience

I was moved to tears

I just loved it, so gorgeous

The way you moved with the music was just stunning and has stayed with me for days.

I will never forget how you moved.


This was exquisite, you were like a shaft of light – totally contained – totally present in the moment.

If you wish to book a performance or presentation and want to know how this might make your celebration or event more memorable, special or sacred please call me to discuss the possibilities.