Brigette Hass


by Brigette Hass

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Thank you for giving me more of myself

For finding my passion

For uncovering my joy

For appreciating and showing me my nature

And who I have become

Thank you for your unconditional giving

For those complete total hugs

For your uncompromising presence

For your willingness to do your best......


Please respect that

Special gift that is given us -

Please help me understand

What is going on for you

And what you are going through

Please do not feel responsible for my feelings -

Please be not afraid of the present because of the past.


I am afraid to ask for what I want

Because I do not want an outcome

Iíd rather be in pain -

Than get another rejection

I am afraid - because I have asked before

And it has not worked.

I am afraid - because I donít know

How it would work

I am afraid to ask

I rather live with day dreams and pretence

Than face being alone.

However -

Alone you never are

This illusion is not truth

You can feel the love of others -

Who love you for who you are

Come back into your centre

To your inner home - your ground

Rest there a while and ponder -

The next step will be clear and sound.


Thank you for that moment

For your willingness to give

For that bliss

Thank you for enduring -

For giving so much

For being so nice and so amazing

For giving so freely

I now see what I do

You have been such a mirror

And therefore such a clue

Thank you for your incredible presence

For opening up yourself

To the possibilities of love of self

Thank you for your passion

For waking me up at last

For bringing home the essence

The experience so vast.


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