Brigette Hass


by Brigette Hass

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Hey you

I love you so much

I want to marry you

No stop -

Stop that shouting -

It is unconditionally

That love

No attachments and stuff

Let go - stop that pushing away

If you listen and feel

You notice

You are free

I am not holding onto you

You can do what you like

If you listen

You notice the respect

I have never felt so much

Not been as happy or resolved

As this.

And of course

If you want to detach

That’s your prerogative

I still love you much

I want you to marry me

Yes you!


Who’s taught you all that sh...

When you just wake up

Your natural response is love

And then for some reason you go

Into full fore of pushing me away

Just stop all this bull ...

And get real -

This in not necessary at all -

I easily turn on my heel

Yet it is you who asked for me

It is you wanting to relate

It is you

Who invited me

Into your parlour -

Wasn’t it

Because the energy was so strong -

The only way to end properly is to appreciate

To love and let me go

To be thankful for what is and was

And really appreciate that special gift of you and me

The way it is


Time can go like quicksand

Through my hands

And disappear -

Placing the importance

In life of what matters

What I value

Can take some time

It can take time to adjust and to find just that

And even the frustration


The exhilaration and joy

Of being in the space

Of unlimited time

Of being in the real moment

Is beyond description

Beyond a dream

It is real


I thought I had let you go today

To let you be free

And discover more strength and energy

More vitality in me

I thought I had let you go

And so I had

And yet the appreciation and love

Grow tenderly

I thought I had let you go today

And so I have

Despite it, I feel closer now to you


You bring out the very best in me

My most patient


Loving self is there with you

You let me shine

By appreciating my qualities

The never ending optimism

My determination to live

My playful joy

And nature sense


What if you could have everything the way you want

What if you can have your time

And when you want you can have time with me

What if you don’t have to give up that kiss

The kiss that is to die for

What if there is no pressure - only joy in your existence

What if you can have everything

You want and more

What if?


What if you could have everything you want - and more

What if that’s achieved by letting go

What if you trust your man - knowing all is well

What if the outcome is far greater than your dream

What if there is another way

What if you can have everything you want - and more

What if the outcome is so wonderful

You could not have dreamt it up

For sure


Your Truth

Stay in touch with you

Listen to the truth

In the deep abyss inside

Find your answer too.

Anxiety and fear

Listened to and realised


As the truth shines crystal clear.


I notice

Because I like what I get

I want to hold on and keep

When I have to let go -

I feel fears of loosing you

Feel fears of being deceived

Of not trusting

Fear of you being with someone else

And at the same time

And know that the anxiety is of my own making

Is the fear of the past.


Sex is what ...

Sex is primal

Is natural

Is being yourself

Sex is so simple

So basic like food

Sex without thinking

Or trying to make it something else

Is the pure joy of being alive.


You & Me

Easy - uncomplicated


Light & happy

Restful - effortless &


Calm & easy

Despite the world around me

Going up & down & changes

You & me feel

Calm & easy


Effortless & restful

When together

Happy & light

Stark raving mad

Uncomplicated & easy.


Six in the morning

At six o’clock

The world is fresh and new

Not spoilt yet

By thought or deed

At eight o’clock

The sun is high

The birds still sing

And I feel free.

At five o’clock the air is still

The thankfulness still

Of THY wisdom strong

In my heart

At nine o’clock

I am fresh and new

Ready to bite

Into the day.


I am with you

In high and low

I have waited so long

Another while is not

Going to deter me.

I have waited so long

Now with you in thought

Without doubt

I have waited so long

And go with you in my heart.