Brigette Hass


by Brigette Hass

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One minute I feel the 20-year-old in me

The vitality strength and vigour

Rushing through my veins

The enthusiasm for every day

The unbelievable zest for new

For being alive today -

Yet the mirror tells another story

Gives away a certain age

A weather worn face sometimes

That speaks of experience

Pain and grace

A heart that has endured worked through

And understood

And then at times there is a feeling old and worn -

So tired - tired to the bone

Exhausted nothing left to give -

I wonder - is there enough breath

To carry on and live.


Enough will to bother with the day

Just sleep as rescue -

From activity and will.

And then another day begins and

Rosy cheeked

Energetic - alive I dance walk converse

48 going on 30

In the middle phase

In the midst of everything

And yet clearly in my own space

Full of life altogether all feelings and faces

Express through me

Express who I am.

I remember that heat inside me

That passion

And feel thankful

For your and my existence.



Lift your spirit

I donít jest

Lift up your spirit

You are meant to sing

Lift up your spirit

You are the light

You bring

You bring light into the darkest night

Lift up your spirit and fly

You make life feel worthwhile

Lift up your spirit



Your spirit

You are the one

Like a breath of fresh air

You are laughter and light

You are love

And delight


The First Step

Be honest with yourself

Follow your heart

Be honest with yourself -

Itís not giving up

Itís what you really need

To fuel you life

Be honest with yourself -

It will give you the strength you dearly miss

As you fight - and hold down

Your love

Be honest with yourself

And things can be different than you fear

Say what you need and let the passion fill your heart -

Let it flood your whole being -

There is always another way

Love is not pain

Love is an action

Love fuels your life

And makes everything possible -

Be honest with yourself

That is the first step


You can tell me many times

That there is no relationship -

No future for you and me -

But how can I believe

Even the calm contained you

If I feel your wandering thoughts resting on me

And at times your whole being with me.


I feel alone

A little lost


Just myself at home

With you in my heart

I felt so strong


With a purpose to live

With a reason to go on

With a light to guide me

Why do I need You

In physical form?

Why does it reassure me so

Why do I need to feel

To trust?


Itís not fair

I do not ask a lot

I was not asking for much

I was asking to have a little time

Just to be your friend

Just to see you once in a while

I know you and I enjoyed it a lot

Why not?


Nightmares - restless thoughts

Trespassers of sleep

Uncertainties - agonies

Companions of the day

Trespassers of my calm mind

Passers by you are -

As I let you go -

You disappear

Into the night and into the air

Nighmares and restless thoghts

Vanquished with the help of a brilliant sunny day.



Does confidence and calm

The certainty

That all is well

That all can be

And all will be well

The certainty -

That not withstanding

There is more magic in the air

There are more opportunities

More possibilities -

You are given the time and space

There is the trust and the confidence


All is well



Wait for him?

But why? Nothing is as much fun

Not true - that is -

But I feel that love so strong

Then give it to everyone

Share it with all

Let it - this love -

Let it breathe and grow

Donít hide it itís not only for you

Donít hold onto it

Because of this love

You are more awake and alive

Express what you feel to all

His was just the seed

It is not for storing

It is for expressing

This love is for manifesting