Brigette Hass

Yogic Touch

especially during pregnancy

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It rains
But I feel sunshine
In my heart
It rains
But I am happy
All the same
It rains out there!
Who cares?
There is so much sunshine in my heart
It burns.

Brigette Hass

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The Yogic Touch Associates
Qualified Practitioners trained by Brigette in Yogic Touch Therapy are available UK-wide
07074 732 222

So you are pregnant ~ my congratulations!

Below please find some information about Yogic Touch Therapy and myself, which I hope will be helpful. Please feel free to call at any time to discuss your needs.

It is my special pleasure to work with pregnant women. Many times I have received feedback that it feels incredibly safe and reassuring to receive a treatment of Yogic Touch especially during pregnancy. - After a session you will feel more confident, more relaxed and much calmer. Other benefits after treatment are greater physical energy, well-being and strength. You’ll probably will feel much more at ease in your body. Aches and pains seize, the body feels more spacious, and the improved posture reduces the tension in the body.

About myself:

I have been practising massage, energy healing since 1987 and since 1992 began to work more specifically with STRESS and with pregnant women. I have developed the Yogic Touch Therapy, which includes Therapeutic Massage, deep tissue mobilisation where appropriate, body-alignment techniques, the Muscle Memory Release technique, essentialised and further developed by myself for the benefit of the client. Energy healing and awareness inform all the bodywork techniques.

I facilitate introductory and beginners workshops and post-graduate Certificate Courses for practitioners, to develop appropriate sensitivity for dealing respectfully and sensitively with clients.

For further information about my work please contact me on 07074 732 222, the best time is between 9 to 11am. You can always leave a message. I usually respond within a few hours. I look forward very much to hearing from you.

Pregnancy and Yogic Touch

To prepare for a good birth and during pregnancy one of the most important factors is breath - breath-control and inner calm and knowing. This helps you to be in control of your body mind and emotions. Awareness of the breath reduces anxiety and helps pain relief. One way to achieve this is by learning to listen to your body’s needs, by getting to know body, mind, and the baby more fully.

Yogic Touch makes more space in the body and is a wonderful supportive way of learning more about your self. Gain a greater understanding how to release stress by becoming more aware of the body’s needs. This is strengthening to the whole body and builds confidence.

Yogic Touch can include body alignment stretching, healing, massage, deep tissue, acupressure, and stress management techniques.

By the subtle working together of various techniques Yogic Touch facilitates a gentle release of stress and tension. This allows the body’s self-healing capacities to be increased. Therefore health and a sense of well-being and deep joy often return spontaneously after a first session.

Yogic Touch...

  • Reduces nausea
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Makes more space for the baby
  • Stops those ‘niggles’ you put up with
  • Reduces tension
  • Pelvic floor and lower abdomen pressure
  • Reduces back ache and leg tension
  • Reduces skeletal muscle tension
  • Balances hormones
  • Prepares for birth
  • Strengthens, increases flexibility and balances muscles
  • Greater inner calm and assurance
  • Increases self-confidence and awareness
  • Improves breathing and lung capacity
  • Improves posture and body alignment
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Increases mobility
  • Increases body’s self-healing capacity
  • Improves organ function & well-being
  • Gives you what you need

Yogic Touch is an especially useful therapy during pregnancy and after accidents and trauma, (before) after operations, and for all stress related conditions. Aches and pains are dealt with from the root cause, giving greater awareness to maintain a better posture, reducing any type of repetitive strain injuries.