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Yogic Touch Therapy

Deep Tissue Work - Energy Healing - Therapeutic Massage - Body-alignment - Acupressure



It rains
But I feel sunshine
In my heart
It rains
But I am happy
All the same
It rains out there!
Who cares?
There is so much sunshine in my heart
It burns.


YOGIC TOUCH THERAPY facilitates the changes in your life. This approach addresses any imbalance from various angles. The energy work releases stress, tension, relaxes and revitalises. Through massage, deep tissue and body-alignment techniques muscular aches and pains are released. Improved posture frees unwanted patterns and maintains a stress free body. The mind and Nervous System calm and inner harmony is restored.

Sessions are personalised, giving you what you need. You feel nourished, relaxed and revitalised. - Feel more in control and make better decisions in your life.

Many symptoms, acute or longstanding, can greatly benefit from treatment; these include Jetlag, backache, any muscular tension, sciatica, headaches, tiredness, restlessness, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, raised blood pressure, sexual and relationship problems. Longstanding conditions may require regular treatment. Yogic Massage improves rehabilitation after injury, trauma and surgery.

During pregnancy Yogic Massage is the ideal treatment to prepare for birth. It is a way of learning to stay relaxed, calm and in control in any situation. Sessions help breath awareness, and strengthen body, mind, and spirit. Treatments give essential support & build confidence throughout pregnancy and for connecting more deeply with the baby. Brigette supports patients also when undergoing IVF treatment.

If you practice Yoga or other forms of exercise you may come up against blockages and restrictions. Individual sessions give greater flexibility, more energy, and freedom, improve body-alignment and therefore prevent injury. Feel the joy of greater vitality and better body usage.

BRIGETTE HASS ITEC, MF Phys., MGCP, one of the leading practitioners in her field, has developed Yogic Massage in her practice over 15 years. Acute awareness and intuition inform the use of integrated body work skills, including deep tissue work, acupressure, massage, body-alignment, energy healing, and stress-management techniques, with the recent addition of the Dynamind technique. She creates a pure, exquisite space for healing body, mind and spirit by preparing herself through meditation & by harmonising the room.

Brigette is a full member and Approved Tutor of the MTI (Massage Training Institute & the ATH (Association for Therapeutic Healers), affiliated to the BMTC (British Massage Training Council), CHO and BMTC (British Massage Training Council).

Brigette facilitates Massage Workshops for Beginners and post-graduate training for practitioners. She has the very special ability of providing a deep understanding that goes beyond the mere technical skills of massage. All workshops and classes are student centred, by tuning into the group everyone gets what they need, from Dance from your Heart (free expression), Healing to Meditation.

She is the founder of the School for Energy Awareness, enjoys nature, meditation, dance, Qi Gong and Yoga, and writes poetry.

Brigette Hass

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